Supporting you through Brexit uncertainty

A letter from Caxton CEO Rupert Lee-Browne in response to PM May's decision to delay the Brexit vote.


Following Prime Minister May’s announcement to delay the meaningful House of Commons vote on Brexit, and the subsequent leadership challenge, I fully understand that you might be unsure, as well as cautious about the foreign exchange market, especially as we saw sterling come under pressure yesterday. Brexit has made a huge impact on all of us due to the economic and financial volatility taking place, making planning for 2019 considerably more difficult and unsettling.
I wanted to let you know that Caxton FX is here to support you throughout Brexit and beyond. As a great believer in our economy, I am certain that we, as a country, will get through this volatile period of time because ultimately we all want the UK to prosper.
Caxton strives to manage and reduce the risk in your currency trades, giving you as much assistance and information as possible to provide the support you deserve. Our experts and specialists are here for you, so do make use of us and let us make your life easier to support you through this uncertain time.
Please feel free to call us and speak to an Account Manager who will support you through the Brexit uncertainty and beyond in 2019.

Yours sincerely,

Rupert Lee-Browne